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Internal links

Everyone who’s trying to use WordPress as a CMS on any scale knows how big a pain in the ass it is to make links between your pages.
I’ve been looking very hard for a good internal link plugin. The only one that seems to be out there is RB internal links and that is not what I was looking for. What I need is very simple. A button in the editor that lets you choose a page on the site, and creates a (perma-) link to that site using the selected text as link text. And it needs to work in both the Visual and the HTML editor.
When I realized that there was none I tried to make my own, but I gave up on the way.
The plugin is built on a hReview plugin and it works in the HTML editor, and it has a button that inserts the link in tinyMCE, but I couldn’t seem to find a way to get the selected text from tinyMCE to use as link text, and that was one of the prerequisites from my client.
The options page is still the one from hReview, and it is not very pretty, but most of the stuff works so feel free to make something out of it.
Here are the files.

Pages metabox

Instead of the internal link button above I decided to make an easier solution. I found this great video tutorial and used the dummy code to make this little “Pages Metabox plugin”. It shows a list of all the pages on the site in a metabox by the textbox in the edit post/page admin area. I also added a little regexp to make [edit]-links in the list.
Here is the file (made for WordPress 2.7).
I’m making one for posts as well. Soon.

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