Oh, hi there!

I’m Johan Ronström, and I’m a musician and tech nerd. Working as product owner for music apps at Doremir and playing mandolin. Other fun projects on the side include embroidery and e-sports.

I have worked with music, tech, theater, design, e-sports, events, crafts and much more.

Cross Stitching

With Restitch I bring second-hand cross-stitch tapestries back to life, by adding game characters!

I have been doing pixel embroidery since 2007.

Toddlerama Apps

I have made three little hand-drawn music apps for the very youngest.

Download for iOS and Android.

Folk All-in Band

I play mandolin in the epic party band FAB!

I also made the promo video, so check it out! 🙂


I sing baritone in the vocal group Baravox.  We sing pop, jazz, and traditional folk music in self-penned arrangements.