Newspaper clubs

After juggling with balls for a while, I was thinking about trying clubs. I looked at clubs in the juggling stores and online, but they were too expensive for me at the time, especially since I didn’t yet know if it was anything for me (witch of course it was 😉 ).
So what is the solution? Simple! Make your own, of course!
I started trying with various plastic bottle models I found online, but it didnt work for me. So I found a concept using rolled newspaper. I went with that.
Clubs - Done
This is how I built them:
I started with a wooden rod I found in a garbage room, about 3 cm diameter. I cut it to three lengths of 42 cm. Don’t remember why I choose 42, perhaps it was the total length divided by three, perhaps it was something I had seen in specs on real clubs, or prehaps it was just Douglas Adams… Anyway…
I started cutting newspaper, stapling the strips to the base, rolling it around and taping, just like a torch. I used newspapers 40 cm high, so I used one strip of 25 cm, one of 15 cm (the rest of the paper) and finished of with one of 8,5 cm. I can’t remember the thickness (number of pages in each strip) that I used, but just make sure they are the same for all three clubs.
Clubs - Head
I had read in one DIY project that you could screw through a practice golf ball to make a butt end. So I did. It worked like a charm!
Clubs - Ball and screw Clubs - Butt end
This is how they looked at this point
Clubs - Three wrapped
I tried them for weight, and then finished by taping it with yellow duct tape.
Clubs - Taped
The handle of uncovered wood hurt like hell so I stapled a piece of thick cloth to it and covered with grip tape.
Clubs - Cloth Clubs - Grip
Clubs - Done
These aren’t very good juggling clubs, but quite enough to learn the basics before you invest in real ones.
Total cost was about $5 for six golf balls. For everything else I used stuff I found at home.

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