Removing Parentheses from Subtitles

By | April 24, 2013

I often watch English movies and TV series, but not being a native English speaker I like to also have English subtitles.

Usually, the downloadable English subtitles for English content is made for hearing impared, and it can get quite annoying watching lines like this:


So what I do is this:

Open the subtitle file (mostly .srt) in EditPlus. EditPlus is an advanced text editor that is not free, but any text editor with Regexp (Regular Expression) search and replace will work. Here are tips for free ones.

Select Replace from the Find menu.

Enter the search term: \[.+\]|\(.+\)|♪.+♪

Make sure the “Regular Expression” box is checked and click Replace All.

And they’re gone!


What it does is matches a start character, then any number of (non line break) characters, and then a end character. Either [x], (x) or ♪x♪

This could possibly leave a few rows, for example if it looks like this:


This will not match, due to the line break.This will also leave empty lines, or lines with only markup (like “<i></i>”) but that should not be a problem, at least not for VLC.

The results are more than good enough for me! :-)

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