Language specific menus in WordPress without coding

By | December 29, 2012

A common problem for me, and the customers I make web for, is making multilingual websites in WordPress without re-coding the theme or using paid plugins.

One solution I’m thinking of now (but haven’t tested yet) is to use a “menu logic” plugin to make different custom menus (or menu items) appar on different pages. In most of my cases Swedish menu on Swedish pages and English menu on English pages.

This could be combined with the Widget Logic plugin (or Widget Logic Visual that I have used and like a lot), to make a more multilingual feeling website.

Note that this method does not change any of the text in the theme, such as “one comment” or “Category index for” or such text that the theme contains, so the site will not be fully multilingual, but it can be enough for your needs.

When I search the WordPress Plugins for “menu logic” I get two promising results: “Zen Menu Logic” and “Menu Item Visibility Control“. Both look like they should be able to do this.

With Zen Menu Logic it says that you could just install it, choose witch menu position should change (your theme needs a menu location for custom menus). Then you should get an option in the page/post editor what custom menu should appear on that page (you need to creat the custom menus first) .

With Menu Item Visibility Control you should be able to control what menu items are shown with conditional wordpress tags. You could make this work with language categories, or together with meta tags. I have used this system on many sites (categories and custom meta tags, managed by “Advanced Custom Fields“), but coded the conditions into the themes.

I would say that Zen Menu Logic is a more logical choice for those who are not experienced in coding. It could, together with Widget Logic Visual make for an easy and straightforward solution for the do-it-yourself WordPresser.

The Menu Item Visibility Control could on the other hand be very powerful together with a custom made theme and combinations of other advanced plugins.

Have you tried any of these solutions? Please leave a comment, link it and tell me how it worked for you!

Go out and make webz!

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