Cross Stitch Upcycling

Share This is the process of buying cheap cross stitch wall hangings second hand in thrift stores, and recycling/upcycling them by replacing parts of it with your own content. Preferably pop art subjects like old school video game characters Share

Removing Parentheses from Subtitles

ShareI often watch English movies and TV series, but not being a native English speaker I like to also have English subtitles. Usually, the downloadable English subtitles for English content is made for hearing impared, and it can get quite annoying watching lines like this: or: So what I do is this: Open the subtitle […]

List Event Post Type – WordPress Widget Plugin

ShareThis is a widget that lists posts in the custom post type “events” and sorts them by custom meta field “event_date”. Use your custom HTML markup to display the list. These codes can be used: [title] < – title of event post [link] <- permalink to event post [venue] <- custom meta field “event_venue [date […]

Language specific menus in WordPress without coding

ShareA common problem for me, and the customers I make web for, is making multilingual websites in WordPress without re-coding the theme or using paid plugins. One solution I’m thinking of now (but haven’t tested yet) is to use a “menu logic” plugin to make different custom menus (or menu items) appar on different pages. […]

wpaudio as standalone

ShareHey guys! I have been using the great WPaudio plugin for different WordPress web projects. Now I’m working on a PHP/HTML web site, and so I was looking at using the great WPaudio player as a standalone player for that site too. It was actually quite easy to do this, here is what you need […]

Stims intäkter visar ingenting

ShareLänge sen jag skrev något här, men om nån vecka får jag min kandidatexamen från Musikhögskolan i Stockholm så då kanske jag har tid att blogga också! Anyways. Jag måste bara kommentera en nyhet i DN som heter “Färre gick på konsert i fjol“. I artikeln hänvisar de till Stims årsrapport och skriver: Livemusiken skulle […]

Que sheet – beat sync

Share(hint: Google Translate) Jag går just nu en väldigt intressant filmmusikkurs med Johnny Wingstedt som tillval på musikhögskolan. Vi håller på att lära oss använda beat sync för att skriva filmmusik som synkar med synkpunkter i filmen. Vi fick en massa formler för att räkna ut vilket slag i musiken en viss synkpunkt kommer på […]

Video embed codes

ShareI’m building a site where users can embed video into their profiles. Letting people use custom HTML is way too risky, so I’ve made a script that detects the video service and builds the embed code from the video URL. I have added the video sites most popular here right now, I’m probably going to […]


ShareMed anledning av Rasmus inlägg “Hej då Newsmill“, och kommentarerna därefter har jag nu byggt ett litet KOPIMILL-script. Det finns här: Det finns ingen text lagrad på servern utan allt hämtas och parsras (?) från Newsmill dynamiskt. Idén är att man säkert ska kunna länka till t.ex. den här artikeln utan att tvinga in […]

Image game

ShareWe were playing games last night and I was reminded of a Swedish TV game show where each team of contestants was shown five images and had to come up with a song that related to three of the images. So we came up with the idea to do that at home with a laptop […]